The Beginnings of a beautiful Friend

Hello and welcome to the BeautyFriend blog!

We are so excited to finally launch our blog and share with you what we've been up to, what inspires us, tips and advice, features on our artists, interviews and tons of exciting content!

Speaking of what inspires us... we thought we would kick this off with a woman who is exceptionally inspiring: our founder, Adriana Tesler! Not only is she a successful Emmy-nominated celebrity hair and make-up artist (check out her work here:, and is running things here at BeautyFriend, but she is also a mother of four awesome children ranging from six months old to sixteen years old, and a dedicated wife to her husband and BeautyFriend co-founder, Romain Tesler.  

So, with such a busy personal and professional life, how did she have time to come up with the original beauty app, BeautyFriend? The answer is simple:

"BeautyFriend is an extension of what I was already doing. I have been doing house calls for many years, and I have a big on-demand clientele. My clients rely so much on me that they want me to be there even if I'm not available! If I was working at New York Fashion Week, they wanted me to fly back just to do them! It was very flattering but I couldn't teleport, of course, as much as I loved them. So I began recommending the best artists for them, to make sure they got the best services. That is how I came up with BeautyFriend. We want our clients to get the best. We are as much an advocate for our stylists, as we are for our clients. We deeply care for both. "

"When I was younger, I was a struggling single mother of two, always trying to balance work life and home life. I realized that there is a real need for women and men who do it all, but are too busy to go to a salon. It makes me feel so happy that we are able to offer these incredibly talented artists to our clients, knowing they don't have to feel the stress of finding the time to go to a salon, because we go to them instead! Some of our clients order our artists to come to their office, their home, their friend's home, etc. It's wonderful!"

                                                  BeautyFriend Founder, Adriana Tesler

                                                  BeautyFriend Founder, Adriana Tesler

So you see why we are all inspired by Adriana here at BeautyFriend! She's a hardworking woman, with a rich life story, whose goal with BeautyFriend is to benefit clients and artists alike.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with Adriana. Stay tuned for some exciting stories, tips, advice, and more from all of our other BeautyFriend artists! In the meantime, don't forget to tell all your friends about our new blog page, and follow us on Instagram @thebeautyfriend 




Rhea Lindsay