BeautyFriend, the only app to send celebrity hair and make-up artists to you for all your beauty needs!


It has never been easier to get the best beauty services delivered to your location. You choose which stylists you want, when and where you want them. You can make your stylist selection based on their location, availability, proximity, profile, portfolio, and specialties.

The BeautyFriend app is now available on the App Store.

How do I book an appointment on the BeautyFriend app?

Choose if you need your appointment now or later

Choose your location

Choose your type of stylist: BF Celebrity Stylist or BF Stylist

Choose if you need Hair or Make-up services

Choose the specific service you need

Choose your stylist.

The closest available stylist will show up first on your list. You can also view their specialties, their portfolio by scrolling their picture, and visit their website!

What happens next?

When you hit Book Me, your stylist is sent a Booking Request. You will be notified as soon as they have accepted. Once a Booking has been accepted, you will find it in your Appointments section.

Our BF Celebrity Stylists are in high demand and may decline a booking request if they are already working. Please select another stylist if that happens.

What can I do from my Appointments section?

From there, you can view all of your appointments, cancel them, change your stylist, send your stylist special requests through our Notes system, or chat with your stylist via our in-app chat system! Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions, or let them know details about your appointment

What if I really like a stylist and want her or him again?

With BeautyFriend, you can make any stylist your Favorite by clicking Add to Favorites on their profile. You will be notified on your Profile menu every time they are available

How do I get charged?

When you register on BeautyFriend, you can save your payment information. Every time you use BeautyFriend, you will get charged automatically when the service has been performed. That’s it! You will receive an email receipt to your email

What is the BeautyFriend advantage?

BeautyFriend gives you complete freedom in how you obtain the best hair and make-up services. You choose where and when you want the service, and which stylist you want, based on their availability, proximity, geographic location, profile, portfolio, ratings, and reviews.

We also have implemented empowering educational workshop practices, to ensure all of our stylists are up to date with the latest trends and skills. All of our BF Stylists participate to these workshops, led by our BF Celebrity Stylists, who are at the heart of the beauty and fashion industry, constantly performing in a variety of contexts, from high-fashion photoshoots, to editorial contributions, advertising campaigns, or red carpet events.